CEF32 Help

CEF32 is the Computer Emulation Framework (CEF) application for 32-bit Microsoft Windows systems. CEF is a standard that allows the interoperability of computer hardware component emulators to quickly create emulators for any given computer hardware. CEF32 provides a friendly User Interface to an implementation of CEF V2.6 for Microsoft Windows. There are some slight differences from the CEF specification, most of which are additional features not found in the CEF specification.

CEF32 provides the TUI_Interface, TMaster_Clock, and TMaster_Assembler objects. It also serves as a reference implementation of the specification.

CEF32 can be started with a command line that automatically loads an emulator (.cef) file. Passing the emulator file, preceeded by a commercial at-sign (@), causes CEF32 to load that file. The file extension is not required if it is ".cef". Example:

CEF32 @Altair

You can write your own Emulator Script Files to create emulators from the supplied components to support whichever configurations you desire, in addition to those that come with CEF32.