CEF32 Help Index

Add A Component Dialog
Add Execution Breakpoint
Add Port Breakpoint
Add Register Breakpoint
Add Watch
ANSI Tape Media Manager plug-in
ASCII (emulator scripts)
Assemble All
Assemble into physical address space
Assemble Menu
Assemble | Assemble All
Assemble | Assemble
Assemble | Show Errors
Assembler Tab (options)
Assembly Information dialog

Binary Media Manager plug-in
Breakpoints and Watchpoints
BYTE (emulator scripts)

CAPTION (emulator scripts)
CEF Specification
Change register
Choose Radix Dialog
Clock Mode
Close All
Component Configuration Dialog
Component Connection Manager
Component Help
Components menu
Components | Clock Mode
Components | Condition handling
Components | Configure
Components | Connections
Components | Dump
Components | Emulator Ports
Components | Emulator Ports
Components | Load
Components | Profile Report
Components | Select CPU
Components | Unblock All
Components | Unload All
Condition handling
Conditions Dialog
Configure components
Configuring Components
CONNECT (emulator scripts)
Copy register to clipboard
CPU Clock Speed
CPU Signal Pane
CPU Status Window
Create CPU Register Breakpoint
Create Memory Watchpoint Dialog

Decrement register
Differences between CEF32 and the CEF specification
Disassembler tab
DISCONNECT (emulator scripts)
DOS-11 Tape Media Manager plug-in
DOUBLE (emulator scripts)
Dump Memory contents

EBCDIC (emulator scripts)
Edit menu
Edit | Copy
Edit | Cut
Edit | Delete
Edit | Include File
Edit | Paste
Edit | Undo
Emulator Ports
Emulator script files
Enter Watch dialog
Execution Breakpoints

File menu
File | Close All
File | Close
File | Media Manager
File | New
File | Open Emulator
File | Open Source
File | Print
File | Printer Setup
File | Reopen Emulator
File | Reopen Source
File | Save All
File | Save As
File | Save
Find menu
Find Next menu

Generate cross-reference list
Generate list files
Generate symbol table
Goto Address dialog
Goto Address menu
Goto Current address
Go to Line Number menu
Go to Line Number dialog

Help menu
Help | About
Help | CEF Specification
Help | Component Help
Help | Help
Help | Utility Help
HIDE (emulator scripts)
HIGH (emulator scripts)

Ignore (clock mode)
IMMEDIATE (emulator scripts)
Immediate Mode
Include File
Increment register
Internals menu

LOAD (emulator scripts)
Load Components Dialog
Load Memory dialog
LONG (emulator scripts)
LOW (emulator scripts)

Main menu
Master Clock Tab (options)
Max Threads
Media Manager
Memory Display popup menu
Memory Display
Memory Watchpoint dialog
Modify Dialog
Modify Memory dialog
Modify Register dialog

New Watch/Edit Watch

Open Emulator
Open Source

Paste register from clipboard
Pattern menu
Port Breakpoints
Printer Setup
Profile menu
Profile Report
Profile Report
Program Pause

RADIX (emulator scripts)
Register Breakpoints
Reopen Emulator
Reopen Source
Replace dialog
Replace menu
Reset component menu
Restart CPU menu
Restore State menu
RUN (emulator scripts)
Run Immediate
Run menu
Run | Add Execution Breakpoint
Run | Add Port Breakpoint
Run | Add Watch
Run | Execute
Run | Execution Breakpoints
Run | Port Breakpoints
Run | Profile Report
Run | Profiling
Run | Program Pause
Run | Run Immediate
Run | Step Info
Run | Step Over
Run | Trace Log
Run | Trace menu

Save All
Save As
Save State menu
Search | Find
Search | Find Next
Search | Go to Line Number
Search | Replace
Search dialog
Search menu
Select CPU
Show Errors
Show Source menu
Signal States
SIGNED (emulator scripts)
Size popup
Stack Display
Status Bar
Step Info
Step Over
Synchronize (clock mode)

Tape Media Manager plug-in
Thread Priority
Threading Tab (options)
Trace Configuration
Trace Log
Trace menu

Unblock all components after immediate mode
Unblock All
UNLOAD (emulator scripts)
Unload All
UNLOAD ALL (emulator scripts)
Unload component
UNSIGNED (emulator scripts)
User Interface
Utility Help

Watch Window
Watchpoints popup
WORD (emulator scripts)

Zero Register