1 Overview

The CEF Utilities Specification defines helper classes, their semantics, and corresponding file formats for the Computer Emulation Framework. These utilities are provided to speed development of emulation and provide consistent behavior between them beyond that required by the CEF Core Specification. Note that this specification is build upon the CEF Core Specification. The implementation of this specification is contained within a single module with the following API:

integer Version()

This function returns a number indicating which version of the specification that this module implements, times 10. For instance, 16 indicates version 1.6.

TCEF_Watchpoint_Manager* Get_Watchpoint_Manager()

This creates a watchpoint manager and returns the instance to the caller.

TCEF_Character_Set* Get_Character_Set()

This creates a character set and returns the instance to the caller.

TCEF_Key_Mapper* Get_Key_Mapper()

This creates and returns a Key mapper object.

TCEF_Assembler_Context* Get_Assembler_Context()

This creates and returns an Assembler Context object.

TMaster_Assembler* Get_Master_Assembler( TComponent* CPU, TUI_Interface* UI )

This creates and returns a Master Assembler object. CPU is the default CPU to assemble code for, which may be NULL. UI is the user interface object, which may not be NULL.