8.2 TRun_Time_System

The TRun_Time_System class is used to pass CPU information to an external source. Typically, this is used to run an emulation of a program outside of CEF.

The TRun_Time_System class has the following methods:

boolean Call( int64 Address )

Indicates a call to the passed address. Returns true if the call was handled by the emulator, false if the CPU should make the call itself.

boolean Trap( int64 Address )

Indicates that the specified interrupt/trap instruction is about to be processed. Returns true if the trap is handled by the emulator and that the CPU should skip it, false if the CPU should handle it normally.

void Jumped()

Indicates that the CPU has jumped/branched to a new address.

void Halted()

Indicates that the CPU has executed a halt operation

int64 Register_Change( integer Index, int64 Value )

Indicates a pending register value change. Returns value to assign. Index is the register index and Value is the new value.

boolean Return()

Indicates a return.