6.3 TCEF_Component_Query

This class is used to query information about a component without constructing an instance of it. The methods of this class are:

integer Query_Version()

Returns the version of the query interface, times 10. Thus, a value of 26 indicates version 2.6.

void Terminate()

Terminates the query interface instance.

integer Component_Type()

Returns the type of the component:

Value Mnuemonic Description
0 Component_Type_Unknown Unknown type of component.
1 Component_Type_CPU A CPU.
2 Component_Type_Bus A Bus.
3 Component_Type_Memory Memory.
4 Component_Type_Motherboard A motherboard.
5 Component_Type_IO An I/O device.
6 Component_Type_UI A user I\interface.
7 Component_Type_Cable A cable.
8 Component_Type_Keyboard A keybaord.

string Version()

Returns the version of the component. Thus, a value of 26 indicates version 2.6.

string Emulates()

Returns a description of what the component emulates.