Supplied Components

The following components are provided with CEF32 for the benefit of emulator developers. Use of these components is not required, but can save development time.
Alphabetical list of Components:
AIM65 Keyboard

Keyboard for Rockwell AIM 65

Altair 8800

System hardware environment for the MITS Altair 8800 and IMSAI 8080 micro-computers.

Apple II Keyboard

Keyboard that uses an Apple II keyboard layout.

ASR33 Keyboard

Keyboard that uses an ASR-33 teletype keyboard layout.

Block RAM

32-bit-address (4 Gb) blocked static RAM.

CEF Clock

This is the default master clock component for CEF32.

CEF Generic 4M memory

4 Mb of infinitely fast static RAM.

CEF Generic 64K memory

16-bit-address (64Kb) static RAM.

CEF Generic Front Panel

A generic "front panel", with LEDs for address and data.

CEF Generic memory

64-bit-address RAM.

CEF Generic Serial Cable

A generic serial cable component. It maintains the states and signals.

CEF Screen

Memory-mapped screen.


Sirius Virtual Machine

Cosmac Elf

System hardware emulator for the Cosmac Elf microcomputer.


A DEC KL11/DL11 serial interface board.


DEC DL11-W line clock


Emulates a DEC KE11-A Extended Arithmetic Element (EAE)

DECWriter II Keyboard

DEC LK02 keyboard.

DECWriter Keyboard

DEC LK01 keyboard.

Epson HX20 Keyboard

Epson HX20 keyboard.

Fairchild 3850/3853

Micro-processor emulator for the Fairchild 3850 CPU with the 3853 SMI.


Gigabyte microcode engine


Emulates an Intel Imm8-60 serial I/O board.

Intel 8008

Emulates an Intel 8008 8-bit microprocessor.


Intellec8 8-bit microcomputer front-panel.

LA120 Keyboard

Keyboard that uses a DEC LA120 (DECWriter III) keyboard layout.


DEC LA36 terminal.

LK201 Keyboard

Keyboard that uses a DEC LK201 keyboard layout.


An S-100 bus MIT 88-SIO board. It consists of two physical ports, the first is the I/O status and control, and the second is the I/O latch.


This is a null component, which performs no functions.

PC 108-key Keyboard

A 108-key keyboard in standard PC layout.


CPU emulator that can operate as a PDP-11/05, PDP-11/10, PDP-11/15, PDP-11/20, or PDP-11/34.


Emulates the RCA CDP1802/1806 microprocessors.


System hardware environment for the Processor Technology SOL-20 personal computer.

SOL-20 Keyboard

This is a keyboard that uses a PT SOL-20 keyboard layout.

Static RAM

Static RAM


64-bit-address file-mapped RAM.

SVM Screen

Display for SVM.

TRS80 Model I Keyboard

Keyboard that uses a TRS-80 Model I keyboard layout.


A UNIBUS front-panel and configuration support for peripherals.

VDM1 Screen

Video and screen.

VT05 Keyboard

Keyboard that uses a DEC VT05 keyboard layout.

VT100 Keyboard

Keyboard that uses a DEC VT100 keyboard layout.


DEC VT52 terminal with emulation options for VT50, VT05, and glass teletype.

VT52 Keyboard

Keyboard that uses a DEC VT52 keyboard layout.


Micro-processor emulator that can operate in 8080, 8085, or Z80 modes.

Emulators The following emulator files provide complete machine emulation for various systems: Altair.cef A MITS Altair 8800/IMSAI 8080 emulator with front panel, 64K of RAM, 1 88-SIO S-100 serial port (expandable to 127 serial ports), and 8080 CPU. Contains a port manager for easily adding/removing serial ports and connetting them to cable components.
Cosmac_elf.cef A Cosmac Elf emulator, as described in the August 1976 issue of Popular Electronics.
Intellec8.cef This component emulates an Intel Intellec8 microcomputer with an 8008 CPU, 16 Kb of RAM, and an Imm8-60 serial interface connected to a VT05.
PDP11.cef A DEC PDP-11/34 emulator, comprised of a PDP-11/34 CPU, 124 Kb RAM, 1 DL11-W serial interface, and a VT05 system console.
Sample emulators The following files are provided with CEF32 as examples. F8.cef A sample emulator file that configures a Fairchild 3851/3853 CPU and 64 Kb of RAM.
SOL20.cef A sample emulator file for the Processor Technology SOL-20 computer. It references a non-existent ROM file, but appears to work if you provide a valid ROM image.
TRS80.cef A sample emulator file. It references non-existent files, but serves as an example of an emulator file.
Fonts The following font files are provided with CEF32. 6574.c 5x7 alphanumeric font.
6575.c 5x7 alphanumeric font.
LA30.c DEC LA30 (DECWriter) font.
LA36.c DEC LA36 (DECWriter II) font.
vt52.c Font for DEC VT52 terminal.
vt52g.c Font for DEC VT52 terminal in graphics mode.